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International Logistics Services

Customs clearance, assemblages and consolidation of cargo, sea, air, land, road and rail import and export.

Logistics & Partners

We have links with an international group that ensure us agents in every port and countries to offer the best shipping rates.

Air, Road, Rail and Sea Logistics

Door-to-Door shipments in export and import, Direct and Consolidated Loads, Transportation of road, rail, sea and air cargo.

Special Shipment Projects

Expertise in hazardous loads, load overweight, excess height, length and wide too.

International Insurance

As an optional, we provide a cargo insurance through an insurance policy or through individual insurance, both “All Risks”.

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  • Liga Logística has operational capacity in Ports, Borders e Airports of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina e Paraná, as well as technical conditions to attend you in ALL CUSTOMS of Brazil.

A little bit about the LigaLog

The Liga Logística's team gives us full capacity to attend all segments of the world and national productive sphere in various regimes of import and export.

Join Forces developed with logistics companies in the five continents: American, European, Asian, Australian and African naming very capable logistics agents forming a cohesive group operation.

Speed and efficiency united to offer excellence in a fully globalized logistics service.

Offers to the whole market a complete infrastructure directed largely to International Logistics of import and export in your headquarters, branches and Warehouses.

Tax reduction for Import:
Special projects to reduce Import Taxes from the Federal Government when importing machines and parts. That means that when you import some machine or equipament that weren't produced in Brazil, it's your right to reduce the Import Taxes to 2% and the other taxes too with a tax benefit established by the Brazilian Government. To know more about this benefit, your company can contact Liga Logística and we'll be informing you everything you need to know about this powerful import tool.
Just a reminder: We've been working with logistics in the past 20 years where we gather a lot of experience in this field.

Benefits of the Drawback
In a simple way, is the incentive that the governement offers to export. It allows the import of goods without paying taxes like the Import Tax, Taxes over industrialized products, IPI, PIS/PASEP, COFINS, ICMS and even AFRMM and taxes that do not correspond to the actual consideration of services. Thus, domestic products become more competitive in the international market, what raises the Brazilian exports. For those reasons, the Drawback is considered to be one of the most important mechanisms to incentivate the exports.

Consult and Advisement
Liga Logística:
Develops the strategic planning of Drawback and Integrated Drawback operations. Analyzes alternatives to support decisions in the Drawback Special Customs Regime. Prepare and plan your operations program. Do requets of Drawback e Integrated Drawback. Elaborates the final evidence. Elaborates additives to concessional acts of Drawback. Elaborates the correspondence the concessional acts of Drawback and to all the Regime. Ultimately, Liga Logística is here to advise within the Government agencies and develops efforts in defense of your interest in the Drawback Special Customs Regime.